my new website and brand

I would like to welcome you to the new Kristyn Villars photography website and blog! :)  This rebranding has been a long process full of excitement, sleepless nights, and so much joy.  I am so excited to finally share my dreams, visions, photography, and life with all of you through this blog.  It will definitely be an adventure for all of us, especially me, but I can't wait to travel this road with you.  Please stay tuned as I will be updating my blog regularly with current work, inspiration, tips, and news.

Kristyn Villars Photography - business card

I owe a huge thank you to my love, Sanden Gocka, who has guided me through this entire process and designed most of what you see here.  I could not have made this possible without him!!  Oh and Bristol too, who has kept my feet warm on those late nights working.  She has been a huge part of this process as well :)

As you may have noticed, there are a few things different about my new brand.  I went from having a black website to this new, bright, airy design.  When I designed my previous website, it was all about the photography and not so much about the general appeal of everything combined.  I didn't realize how much different and cleaner things could look with a white backdrop and negative space.  As they say, "less is more."  I have a whole new appreciation for what that quote means and how it affects photography.

New Design and Brand :

Kristyn Villars Photography - new brand

Old Design and Brand :


Kristyn Villars Photography - new website

So here's to a new venture!  Hope you will check things out and stay a while.  Come back soon! :)